The Prana Wearable

The Prana Wearable


Requires iPhone (6S or newer). Android version coming soon.

Prana is the most comprehensive wearable and app platform designed to facilitate breathing exercise research and interventions. With its advanced features and capabilities, Prana empowers researchers and healthcare professionals to unlock the potential of controlled breathing techniques across a wide range of medical conditions.

Our platform offers unparalleled breathwork training capabilities, including a variety of scientifically validated breathing exercises, real-time feedback, and personalized guidance. Prana also provides a range of complementary features, such as passive breathing monitoring, complete posture tracking and enhancement, and body measurement tracking, making it a versatile tool for researchers investigating the holistic impact of breathing interventions.

While primarily designed for research purposes, Prana is still available for purchase by consumers seeking a comprehensive wellness and breathwork training experience. Its user-friendly interface and holistic approach ensure a well-rounded experience for anyone looking to explore the benefits of controlled breathing exercises.

Whether you're a researcher looking to investigate the efficacy of breathing interventions or an individual interested in enhancing your personal wellness, Prana offers a powerful and innovative solution. Order your Prana wearable today and join us in advancing the science of breathing.


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