What does Prana Offer?

  • Trains and unlocks breathing as a powerful health resource for many benefits including rapid stress relief, in just minutes a day.
  • Improves your complete back posture, training both your upper and lower back.
  • Tracks 15 distinct body measurements, including body fat percentage.

Prana is the first device to integrate these 3 fundamental wellness characteristics in one feature-packed wearable and app. Our patented technology utilizes advanced sensors in a novel retractable design, solving many practical issues for conveniently training and tracking these important body measures.

1 Harness Your Breathing for Optimum Wellness

Prana provides one of the world’s most advanced and comprehensive devices for training and tracking your breathing, while making it simple, practical, and fun. Our device and app allow you to easily tap into many different techniques of breathing while at rest.

For beginner Pulmonauts, Prana makes it especially convenient to get yourself breathing in a beneficial way, and feel calmer in as little as two minutes. Prana provides real- time sensor-based feedback so you know you’re breathing the right way and feel more engaged.

How We Breathe Matters

Hundreds of medical studies and thousands of years of ancient traditions such as Yoga Pranayama have proven that how we breathe has a major impact on our physiology and wellness. Modern life and stress have taken their toll on the quality of breathing, pushing many of us to breathe too fast for example (over-breathing), or inhaling from the chest (not properly utilizing our diaphragm). Poor breathing habits can raise blood pressure, aggravate the nervous system, increase anxiety, worsen sleep, and even overwork the heart.

In most calming, mindfulness, and meditation practices today, breath control plays a central role. Numerous studies have demonstrated that specific patterns of breathing can offer many benefits including:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving insomnia
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Helping to maximize HRV (heart rate variability)
  • Elevating mood and feelings of peace
  • Relaxing muscles
  • Increasing mental focus

Improve Your Breathing Habits with Prana

In just minutes a day of training, Prana can help you reestablish healthier and more relaxed breathing habits. Its advanced sensors detect and guide not just your real-time breathing pattern and respiration rate, but also specifically train and track diaphragmatic breathing (breathing from your belly), helping you use more of your lung capacity with each breath to deliver more oxygen to your bloodstream. For many of us today, stress has caused the source of breathing to shift upwards, with chest or accessory muscles being used to shallowly inflate the lungs. Prana helps retrain this bad habit.

Many Ways to Breathe

Since breathing is connected to many aspects of our physiology, it’s no wonder that a large variety of breathing techniques have evolved to benefit diverse aspects of our wellness. Prana makes discovering these easy and fun.

Prana offers over 80 distinct breathing exercises tracked in real-time

Prana goes far beyond just improving your breathing habits. We provide a growing library of over 80 distinct breathing exercises to help you explore (with real-time sensor feedback) new patterns of breathing, which can benefit you in more specific ways. Need an energy boost? We’ve got multiple exercises for that without involving a cup of coffee. Feeling anxiety or stress? We’ve got you covered with over 20 exercises to calm you down. Same for sleep, focus, and other targeted aspects of wellness.

Prana’s breathing exercises are organized into 6 major categories (and growing):

  • Relaxation
  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Lung Capacity
  • Focus
  • Health

The Health category is further grouped into 10 sub-categories (and growing) including:

  • COPD
  • Motion sickness and Nausea
  • Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • HRV (heart rate variability)
  • Asthma
  • Sexual Health

As part of each health-related breathing exercise, we provide links in our app to medical studies which have previously evaluated these specific breathing techniques, or very similar ones.

FDA disclaimer: These statements and any information contained in our mobile app have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Two Ways to Train your Breathing with Prana

Our goal is to make breathwork engaging and fun so you reap the benefits over the long term. Our platform offers two distinct ways to train your breathing, both with live sensor-based feedback.

Gamified Visual Training

Provides a fun interactive way to train your breathing (and posture, see next section). Your inhalations and exhalations control the movement of an animated character flying through a visualized breathing pattern. Different background environments and ambient music set you on your breathing journey.

Buzzer Training

Allows you to close your eyes and be guided to breathe with a gentle buzzer, signaling when to inhale, exhale, and hold. It’s great for meditation and mindfulness practices.

Track Your Breathing with Prana

In addition to our primary training modes, you can also use Prana to track your breathing (and posture, see next section) in the background as you work, alerting you to stressed breathing. Our tracking mode can detect:

  • Faster than normal breathing
  • Email apnea (unnatural pauses in breathing due to stress)
  • Exhalation to Inhalation ratio (also can be an indicator of stress if too low)
  • Average and real-time respiration rates

By occasionally monitoring how you breathe without your conscious attention, you can gain valuable insights for selecting your training sessions, as well as seeing how your breathing habits are improving over time.

2 Train Your Complete Back Posture

Posture and Breathing Connection

A strong connection between posture and breathing has been emphasized by numerous traditions for thousands of years. The basic idea is that good posture facilitates good breathing by improving the mobility of your diaphragm. This idea is now supported by a number of recent studies which found a significant relationship between a particular seated posture and the quality of pulmonary function. Slumped sitting showed reductions in forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume, and peak expiratory flow compared to an upright seated posture.

This is why we engineered the Prana wearable to be able to simultaneously track and train your posture during your breath training sessions, giving you a powerful and integrated new way to train these important measures together.

Prana Trains Both Your Lower and Upper Back Posture

Prana’s unique retractable design allows it to be easily worn on either your lower or upper back to give you a more complete posture training workout compared to most other posture-related wearables. Prana does not require any adhesive tapes or reliance on tight clothing to get the job done.

Bad posture habits can manifest in multiple ways. During prolonged sitting, slumping can originate both in your upper or lower back. Your shoulders can wilt forward and your upper back can slump, or you might have more problems keeping your lower back upright. Prana lets you individually target either of these areas, depending on your needs. Prana can also train posture and breathing while standing.

Additional Benefits

Training your complete posture offers many other benefits beyond the connection to breathing, such as:

  • Reduced upper and lower back pain
  • More confident appearance
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved core strength
  • Decreased joint wear and tear
  • Supporting energy levels
  • Improved muscle function
  • Helping to prevent injury

Train Posture and Breathing Together, or Individually with Prana

With Prana, you have the flexibility to train your breathing and posture together, or separately. For example, if you’re getting ready to sleep, posture may be less of a priority, and you may prefer to lie down and just focus on a breathing exercise targeting sleep. Prana can handle that. Alternately, if you’re at the office and feeling your upper back isn’t doing great, you might want to try a 30 minute upper-back only training session. In many other cases, we think you’ll find that training both measures together is synergistic and gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Lower Back

    Trains diaphragmatic breathing or lower back posture, or both

  • Belly

    Trains diaphragmatic breathing only

  • Upper Chest

    Trains full rib cage breathing or upper back posture, or both

  • Upper Arm

    Trains upper back posture only

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3 Measure Your Body

In addition to our breathing and posture features, Prana’s unique retractable design allows you to accurately track 15 distinct body measurements including your body fat percentage. These are:

  • Waist
  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Left and right Biceps
  • Left and right Forearms
  • Left and right Wrists
  • Left and right Thighs
  • Left and right Calves
  • Body Fat percentage

As discussed below, our body measurements and muscle mass are intimately connected to many important aspects of our health, wellness, and even longevity, which is why we felt it essential to include this feature in our wearable.

Taking Measurements with Prana

Using a traditional tape measure is often inconvenient, requiring a 3rd hand or another person to hold it, especially around areas like biceps or the neck. Consistency of measurement is another issue, as well as tracking all the data.

Prana’s novel loop-lock design makes it much easier to take quick and consistent measurements with a single hand, and to graphically see your progress in our app. Our retractable belt can measure up to 59” (150cm).

How We Carry Body Fat Matters

Numerous medical studies have found that how fat is distributed in our body, in particular around our waist and midsection, significantly increases the risk of many adverse health issues including diabetes, heart attacks, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, and even cancer. Fat surrounding the liver and other abdominal organs is highly metabolically active, releasing inflammatory agents and hormones which can increase many negative health markers such as LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and blood glucose. It’s been found that if most of your fat is stored around your waist rather than at your hips, you’re at a higher risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. According to another study, excess belly fat is associated with higher risk of death from any cause.

Use Prana to Track Waist and Hip Size

Prana can accurately track both your waist and hip size over time to help you stay or get into a healthy range. Using a standard weight scale unfortunately doesn’t tell you much about fat distribution in your body, and same goes for calculating your BMI (body mass index) which only takes into account your height and weight.

Use Prana to Track Body Fat Percentage

Prana can also track your overall body fat percentage to within 2 - 4% accuracy. In addition to waist size, body fat is an important measure for assessing fitness and health. Multiple studies have found that higher overall body fat increases the risk for multiple obesity-related diseases including heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

From a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

Body Fat Target Guidelines



Healthy Body Fat % (Women)


Healthy Body Fat % (Men)


By measuring your waist, neck, and hip size (takes about a minute to do), Prana is able to accurately estimate and chart your body fat % utilizing the US Navy Body Fat Formula standard.

Use Prana to Track Your Muscle Mass and Body Composition

Muscle mass is associated with longevity. Recent studies have found that muscle mass correlates with a decrease in all-cause mortality. Muscles help us control glucose levels and are essential from a metabolic perspective. As we age, our strength and muscles tend to decline. Sarcopenia--the decline of skeletal muscle tissue with age—is a very important contributor to loss of independence and functional decline in older adults. Sarcopenia can start to appear as early as our 40’s, and can lead to fatigue, frailty, risk of falls, and death.

This is why we engineered Prana to be able to measure and track all major muscles of the body. By knowing baseline

sizes of all your major muscles, you are in a better position to both prevent loss of this lean tissue, and also more informed for how to adjust your diet, resistance, and aerobic training programs. If you’re a more advanced fitness or body builder enthusiast, Prana makes it easy to accurately track your gains with consistency and convenience.

It’s hard to improve what we aren’t measuring; Undesired changes can sneak up on us. Taking your body measurements just a few times per month can help you keep moving in a healthier direction. Knowing your waist size, body fat percentage (hence lean body mass), and sizes of your major muscles gives you a critical snapshot for very important and highly actionable aspects of your health and wellness.