Get the Most Out
of Breathing

Prana provides the complete breathwork training system

  • Tracks Diaphragmatic breathing
  • Tracks posture
  • Trains over 80 scientifically validated breathing exercises with real-time feedback
  • Provides gamified and haptic training modes
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Breathing exercises have been used for thousands of years as a powerful way to enhance health and state of mind. The challenge can be making them a regular part of your routine, and doing them correctly. Prana provides the comprehensive system (wearable + app) for making breathwork easy and more effective.

Prana integrates the monitoring and guiding of two essential body factors which are foundational for good breathing: Diaphragmatic breathing and posture. Prana builds on this foundation by training you with interactive and engaging breathing exercises, utilizing real-time sensor feedback so you know you're breathing the right way to feel benefits such as stress relief, boosted energy, improved focus, and enhanced sleep.


Breakthrough Patented Design

Prana features a unique retractable design with advanced embedded sensors which make it possible to accurately monitor both your diaphragmatic breathing and posture at the same time to help you breathe your best during the training. The device is lightweight and much more compact than any chest strap wearable.

How to Use Prana

Prana is typically worn for training sessions lasting between 3 to 15 minutes to help you get the maximum boost out of performing any breathing exercise while at rest. Prana can be conveniently worn under or over any style of clothing, and at several different torso positions. You can also use Prana to passively track your breathing and posture in the background as you work, warning you about detected stressed breathing or slouching. Prana can be used while sitting, standing, or lying down.

Prana is designed to rapidly activate your body’s relaxation response through proper diaphragmatic breathing and good posture.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

    Prana is designed to detect and train diaphragmatic breathing at the source (breathing from your belly), helping you use more of your lung capacity with each breath to deliver more oxygen to your bloodstream. For many of us today, stress has caused the source of breathing to shift upwards, with chest or accessory muscles being used to shallowly inflate the lungs. Prana helps retrain this bad habit.

  • Posture

    Slouching reinforces bad breathing patterns, reducing air flow into the lungs. This is why we engineered the Prana wearable to simultaneously track and train your posture during your breath training sessions, helping you get the most out of each breath.

  • Breathing Patterns

    There is now much research showing that specific breathing patterns can have significant physiological impacts, such as promoting calmness through the parasympathetic response, increasing alertness, improving heart rate variability, lowering blood pressure, interrupting acute anxiety episodes, and even helping with chronic pain.

    Prana’s highly sensitive breathing sensors can detect a wide range of breathing patterns, from slow to fast, shallow to deep, and even very light breathing. This allows our app to accurately train over 80 scientifically validated and diverse breathing exercises utilizing beneficial breathing patterns, while providing accurate real-time feedback so you know you’re breathing the right way.

    Prana’s breathing exercises are organized into 6 major categories (and growing):

    • Relaxation
    • Sleep
    • Energy
    • Lung Capacity
    • Focus
    • Health and Pulmonary Rehabilitation support

You spend nearly 100% of your life breathing – isn’t it time to make the most of it?


Gamified Visual Training

Breathing exercises don’t need to be boring. We designed Prana from the ground up to be an engaging and fun activity. In our Visual Training, breathe your way to improved wellness by flying through our Zen Garden. Collect flowers by carefully controlling inhalations and exhalations, while maintaining good posture (slouching optionally stops the movement). You directly control the game character with your breathing, with the bird flying higher as you inhale, and lower as you exhale. Our library offers over 80 visualized breathing exercises for many distinct health benefits. Different background environments and ambient music set you on your breathing journey.

Haptic Training

Great for meditation and mindfulness practices. Our Haptic training lets you to close your eyes and be guided to breathe with a gentle vibration on the device, signaling when to inhale, exhale, and hold. Unlike other apps which guide breathing with non-interactive buzzing, Prana helps you feel more connected through real-time sensor feedback, actively evaluating each breath, and signaling you through device vibration if you’re not following the breathing exercise or maintaining proper posture.

Prana was developed to help you unlock the full potential of breathing exercises and breathwork as a powerful wellness tool. Don’t miss out on all these benefits.

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