Comprehensive Platform

Prana provides the complete breathwork and posture training/tracking
system, supporting beginner and advanced practitioner features.

Key Features
Helps you discover many new beneficial ways to breathe, with real-time sensor feedback to make breathwork engaging, effective, and easier to stick to.
Detects and trains diaphragmatic breathing
Trains complete posture—both lower and upper back
Trains over 80 scientifically validated breathing exercises for benefits across 6 major wellness categories including Relaxation, Focus, Sleep, Energy, Lung Capacity, and Health (includes 10 sub-categories such as COPD and Asthma)
Breathing exercises range from very simple, to nuanced and complex, such as techniques from Yoga Pranayama, Tummo, rhythmic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, and well known exercises including 478, Box Breathing, Fire Breath, and even patterns to help HRV (heart rate variability) and sleep, all with real-time feedback to keep you on track.
Passively tracks your breathing and posture in the background, alerting you to stressed breathing and prolonged slouching to help break bad habits
Innovative retractable design allows Prana to be conveniently worn under or over any style of clothing for accurate tracking, especially convenient for short duration training sessions such as a 3-minute breathing exercise boost.
Integrates all major aspects of breathwork training and tracking in one platform
Bonus Feature: Body Measurements. Prana’s retractable design allows it to accurately track all major body measurements including waist and hip size, chest, biceps, thighs, calves, and body fat percentage for many fitness, health, and body building applications (see our FAQ section for more info on this feature).

Prana Features at a Glance

  • Unique retractable design easily
    worn anywhere on the torso

  • Wear/remove in a few seconds,
    no tight or special clothing required

  • Train while sitting, standing,
    or lying down

  • Trains and tracks breathing and
    posture, together or separately

  • Trains diaphragmatic breathing
    and full rib cage breathing

  • Trains upper and lower
    back posture

  • Feel relaxation in as little
    as 2 minutes

  • Passive tracking mode detects
    and warns about:

    Stressed breathing
    Email apnea
    Slouching posture

  • Tracks 14 distinct body
    measurements as well as
    body fat percentage

  • Unique push-lock for taking
    accurate body measurements
    with one hand

  • Advanced iOS app with 80+breathing
    exercises all using real-time sensor-
    based feedback

  • Two training modes for breathing
    and posture: Gamified Visual, and
    Buzzer Training

  • Live Graph mode provides instant
    breathing and posture feedback

  • Detailed session analytics, stats,
    charts, and history

  • Daily goals and notification alerts

  • All day rechargeable battery

  • Low energy Bluetooth connection

  • Advanced sensors, algorithms,
    and breath evaluation engine

Front Side of Prana

  • Device Weight



    0.6” x 1.89” x 2.75”

Reverse Side of Prana