The most complete breathwork training system available today

The most complete breathwork training system available today


Requires iPhone (6S or newer). Android version coming soon.

  • Integrates all key aspects of breathwork training under one hood
  • Tracks diaphragmatic breathing 
  • Tracks posture
  • Trains over 80 scientifically validated breathing exercises
  • Rapidly reduces stress, improves sleep, enhances focus, and energizes your body
  • Offers gamified and haptic training modes, both with real-time sensor feedback
  • Feel benefits in as little as two minutes
  • Makes breathwork fun and engaging so you can stick to it for the long term
  • 30 Day money back guarantee

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Prana Features at a Glance

  • Unique retractable design easily
    worn anywhere on the torso

  • Wear/remove in a few seconds,
    no tight or special clothing required

  • Train while sitting, standing,
    or lying down

  • Trains and tracks breathing and
    posture, together or separately

  • Trains diaphragmatic breathing
    and full rib cage breathing

  • Trains upper and lower
    back posture

  • Feel relaxation in as little
    as 2 minutes

  • Passive tracking mode detects
    and warns about:

    Stressed breathing
    Email apnea
    Slouching posture

  • Tracks 14 distinct body
    measurements as well as
    body fat percentage

  • Unique push-lock for taking
    accurate body measurements
    with one hand

  • Advanced iOS app with 80+breathing
    exercises all using real-time sensor-
    based feedback

  • Two training modes for breathing
    and posture: Gamified Visual, and
    Buzzer Training

  • Live Graph mode provides instant
    breathing and posture feedback

  • Detailed session analytics, stats,
    charts, and history

  • Daily goals and notification alerts

  • All day rechargeable battery

  • Low energy Bluetooth connection

  • Advanced sensors, algorithms,
    and breath evaluation engine