Wear Prana on your lower or upper back using its lightweight retractable design. It's easy to wear over any type of clothing. Sessions start at just one minute in length.


In Tracking mode, the device alerts you to stressed breathing or prolonged slouching to help make your sitting time healthier.


In Training mode, Prana guides interactive breathing exercises for many proactive wellness benefits. Choose from our Gamified or Haptic Training.

Gamified Training

Makes it easy and fun to accurately perform breathing exercises. Your inhales and exhales control the movement of an animated character to follow the target breathing patterns. Slouching pauses movement. Start feeling relaxation in just two minutes.

Haptic Training

You can close your eyes and practice the same breathing exercises with vibration cues. Inhale when you feel a pulse, and exhale when you feel a double-pulse. If you stray from the pattern or slouch, the device alerts you. More advanced breathing exercises with breath-holds also similarly supported with easy-to-follow vibration cues.

Prana Trains Both Lower and Upper Back Posture

A strong connection between posture and breathing has been emphasized by numerous traditions for thousands of years. The basic idea is that good posture facilitates good breathing by improving the mobility of your diaphragm. This is why we engineered the Prana wearable to optionally track your posture during your breath training sessions, giving you a powerful and integrated new way to train these important measures together.

Prana’s unique retractable design allows it to be easily worn on either your lower or upper back to give you a more complete posture training workout compared to most other posture-only wearables. Prana does not require any adhesive tapes or reliance on tight clothing to get the job done.

Bad posture habits can manifest in multiple ways. During prolonged sitting, slumping can originate both in your upper or lower back. Your shoulders can wilt forward and your upper back can slump, or you might have more problems keeping your lower back upright. Prana lets you individually target either of these areas, depending on your needs. Prana can also train posture and breathing while standing.

Different Ways to Train

Prana flexibly allows training breathing and posture together, or separately for a wide range of use cases.

  • Lower Back

    Trains diaphragmatic
    breathing or lower back
    posture, or both

  • Belly

    Trains diaphragmatic

    breathing only

  • Upper Chest

    Trains full rib cage
    breathing or upper back
    posture, or both

  • Upper Arm

    Trains upper back
    posture only