“This brilliant little gadget could stop your office job from killing you”

“Seated posture and breathing have a lot to do with your productivity. The folks at Prana know that more than most.”

“Forget steps and calories — Prana’s wearable tracks breath and posture”

“Prana aims to change how you behave”

What is Prana?

Prana is the first wearable which tracks both breathing and posture for many healthy benefits for body and mind. It helps us breathe and sit in a healthier way to profoundly reduce the daily stress we carry around.



  • Tracks your diaphragmatic breathing and posture from a single location on your waistband
  • Passive tracking gently notifies you when your breathing or posture can be improved
  • Active training provides a fun and gamified way to retrain your breathing for rapid relief from stress and anxiety
  • App works on both iOS and Android

Prana is designed to rapidly activate your body’s relaxation response through proper diaphragmatic breathing and good posture.


Passive Tracking


Active Training


 Prana: The Startup




Prana helps you spend your day in a relaxed state.




Prana recognizes when you sit or stand. While you sit, Prana analyzes your breath patterns, diaphragmatic breathing, and posture.


When you walk, Prana automatically switches to standing mode where it functions as a traditional step tracker.



Sleek and stylish, worn on the waist (1.25″ x 0.25″)

Battery superhero

Up to 7 days rechargeable battery life, wireless charging station included


Train your breathing in our fun game mode

Hard science

Advanced algorithms and breath evaluation engine, distinguishing between diaphragmatic and chest breathing


Tracks 10 distinct breath statistics and posture


Tracks steps


Library of breath patterns to train against


Clinical mode with full breath analytics


Low energy bluetooth connection and push notifications to smartphones

Does it matter how we breathe?


Many recent medical studies suggest that how we breathe affects our health. The parameters of breath go well beyond a simple respiration rate statistic. Certain breath patterns have been shown to offer significant benefits, such as:


  • Relaxing the mind and body

  • Lowering blood pressure and heart rate

  • Increasing energy

  • Improving focus

  • Helping to fall sleep

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Helping with chronic pain

  • Activating the parasympathetic nervous system to avoid chronic fight or flight mode

  • Improving mood

  • Improving heart rate variability (HRV)

  • Even helping medical conditions such as Asthma and COPD

How does posture affect breathing?


Slouching reinforces bad breathing patterns, reducing air flow into the lungs.

How does Prana work?


Prana is your personal coach to breathe and sit better. Building on the latest research, Prana offers a library of beneficial breathing patterns from many traditions, including Yoga Pranayama, Tai Chi, and Buteyko. In our active training, you select a pattern which best fits your health goals, and Prana actively guides your breath in a fun new way. In our passive tracking, Prana can send occasional push alert reminders to breathe or sit better. Prana monitors the effects of posture on breath, and distinguishes between chest and belly breathing for a more complete picture of how we breathe. See our Science page for more.

Gamified Breathing


Self-tracking doesn’t need to be boring. We designed Prana from the ground up to be an engaging and fun activity. In our active training mode, breathe your way to improved wellness by flying through our Zen Garden. Collect flowers by carefully controlling inhalations and exhalations, while maintaining good posture. You directly control the game character with your breathing, with the bird flying higher as you inhale, and lower as you exhale. Our library offers dozens of visualized breathing exercises for many distinct health benefits.

You spend nearly 100% of your life breathing – isn’t it time to pay attention to it?

Training Capsules


We created Prana to be simple, easy, and intuitive to use. Not only will it track your passive breathing, but when you need that extra pick-me-up or wind down from your day, select an active training capsule that fits your mood, and experience benefits within as little as 3 minutes.