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Prana Prana is the first wearable combining breath and posture tracking in one compact device for reducing stress. Building on recent medical studies and ancient Yoga traditions, Prana supports the interconnection between good breathing and good posture. By monitoring breath patterns, diaphragmatic breathing, and posture, Prana offers a new holistic view into the quality of our breathing, and provides tools to change it for better health. Prana is a sleek and stylish tracker worn near the waist, and connects to most smart phones to provide a gamified engaging app experience. Prana offers both passive tracking and active training modes so that you can learn how you currently breathe and sit, and then do something about it to actively improve these vital aspects of health. Our team has developed an extensive set of algorithms over a 2 year period, for interpreting 10 breath stats in the context of target breath patterns, providing a more meaningful evaluation of breathing beyond a list of measurements or subjective indicators of mood. Our algorithms are able to disentangle breath from posture, as well as chest from diaphragmatic breathing, utilizing just one small sensor case worn near the belly or waist area. Our interactive game translates any breath exercise into a fun and intuitive training game, where the user maneuvers through an obstacle course using their breath. Part of our mission is to make breath training more engaging and fun. Our game guides and encourages users to improve their breathing and posture in a highly visual way. With a 204 page pending patent covering numerous breakthroughs, Prana offers many new features unavailable in today’s activity trackers. Prana is currently in beta testing, with a fully functioning device and software application. Our target ship date is June 2016.

Prana on Huffington Post Live, December 10, 2014

Executive Team

Andre Persidsky

CEO, Co-Founder
Andre is an engineer, patented inventor, computer book author, and entrepreneur. He has launched startups ranging from game development studio Casual Mechanics to a new angioplasty technology to replace balloon catheters in treating heart disease. He is named as inventor on more than 10 U.S. patents and pending patents, including successfully developing and licensing the technology in patent 6,130,666, a pen computer system which was incorporated in the Cpen product line and distributed around the world. Andre’s interest in merging breath and technology was sparked after spending a week living /meditating at San Francisco Zen Center’s Green Gulch Farm, and observing the profound impact good breathing can have on our sense of wellness. Recent interview

Dr. Paul Abramson

CSO, Co-Founder
Dr. Abramson MD received his medical degree from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and comes from a multigenerational lineage of medical doctors. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine, Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and completed a Residential Senior Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Dr. Andrew Weil’s Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He is also a former electrical engineer and programmer. He has been a pioneer in the use of self-tracking technologies in medical care, blogging and speaking as The Quantified Doctor and developing the Quant Coach Program within My Doctor Medical Group. He has been self-tracking for health and greater awareness for many years, both with technological tools and through Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation. (see www.quantdoctor.com).

Alex Ahlund

VP Interactive & Design, Co-Founder
Alex is a video game industry vet who has worn virtually every hat in the business, from game designer to executive producer. Alex has been involved in the iOS industry from the start, founding popular iOS app review site AppVee, which was acquired in 2010, as well as founding App Minis—an iOS game company with over 20 million downloads and creator of the Top 10 Grossing game “Design This Home”. He brings his considerable design experience and front line understanding of user engagement to gamifying Prana’s user experience. Alex has been immersed in Yoga from a young age, with his mother teaching it for 40 years, and growing up being taught the importance of breath.

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If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry to contact@prana.co and we will get back to you as soon as we can! We are based in San Francisco.

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